Sunday, March 28, 2010


my name is nasiha sakina bt ramlan,i was born in 04th sept 1990,,this year insyaallah i will turn into 20years old..i am happy and talkative person yet sometimes maybe a complicated person..
i have 5 sibling and im number 2..have 1 eldest brother above me..and 3 youngest sister..

now im studying in UITM kampus bandaraya Melaka taking human resource management..this post is actually for my MGT417 subject..a very attractive subject yet with a generous lecturer in very happy and havoc class..haha..=)

my ambition is to be lecturer and in meanwhile i love to open my own bakery shop..oh yes,,i love to baked a lot..its my hobby,baked make me release my tension and its inspiring me a lot..

my family,,my father name is Ramlan Askolani a former football player for kuala lumpur in 1982 until 1990 now working as businessman..while my mother name is Rosnah Baharum working as teacher at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Dharma.My eldest brother,Mohd Ihsan Bin Ramlan 22 years old and he now studying in UTHM taking Mechatronic Engineering.My youngest sister,Husna Zaemah Bt Ramlan 16years old still studying in secondary school,,,next is also my little sis,,Nur Syakirah Bt Ramlan 13 years old also in secondary school and lastly my little baby sister Nur Wahida Bt. Ramlan 10 years old in primary school.

im looking forward to learn new thing,,to earn new thing because learning journey never end till we die..and i believe that live without difficulties is not named life..we life for live and live for life..
Peace no war,,


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